St. Mary's Church of Ireland

Kenmare Place.
The pre-Reformation history of the Church is unknown, but the site is ancient and may be that of the old Church of "Airne" or more likely the Church of the Sloes, from which Killarney takes its name.

The building which we have today is the third known Church building on this site, and this building was errected in 1870. The beautiful stained glass windows were added several years after the church was built. They are made up from scenes from the Bible. Many of the windows were given by the Herbert family, both from Muckross and Cahernane.

There is a list of Rectors of this Church dateing back to the Reformation. In 1611 Rev. I. Taylor became the first "Protestant" Rector. In 2007, Rev. Susan Watterson became the second female priest to the parish.

The Church of Ireland is in communion with the Church of England, the Episcopal Church of America, other members of the world-wide Anglical communion, the old Catholic Churches, the Methodist Church and the Lutheran Churches of the Porvoo Agreement.

St. Mary's Sunday Services
Morning: All year - 11.00am
Holy Communion, 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday of the Month.
10.30am Wednesday, Holy Communion as announced.

Christmas Day: 11.00am
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